Monday, June 16, 2008
PRS Series 2008-06 BCI


To all customers, friend, and sales REPs,

As we have developed and promoted the Power RICH System – Enterprise Edition (PRS-EE), we have made some partnerships. Some of these are hard & fast, while others are a relationship of time.
Partners we are working with now are listed below with the following heading:

Please feel free to contact any PRS-EE (BCI) REP or the partners below for detailed information on substation automation products.

Contact: Dirk Mooibroek

Inductive Components Mfg., Inc. has a 35 year leadership history of designing and building Voltage Regulating Controls. ICMI has become a premier supplier of these controls in the USA. UVR-1 Universal Regulator Control (1999-2007), is the NEXT GENERATION CONTROL, and continues to meet customer expectations and expanding requirements in software and communication upgradability.

SATEC Meters
Contact: Juan Diaz
Office:(908)608-0500 x205

SATEC products are internationally recognized for ingenuity, accuracy and easy operation. Listed below is our full range of electrical power metering and power quality measurement equipment. All Power meters are designed with flexibility in mind. You can begin with a small-scale system using stand-alone Power meters and expand into a larger system as your needs grow. Our Power meters integrate easily into all power management systems.

SATEC eXpertManager
Contact: Michael Corbin
Office:(908) 686-9510

eXpertManager powered by the Power Rich Systems from BCI Technologies is a Windows based SCADA System specifically designed for Power Monitoring and Control Systems using industry standard OPEN protocol (OPC, Modbus, and DNP3.0) and communications media. The primary design goal was to deliver a solution that dramatically lowered the engineering time required to configure and maintain a system. A library of over 60 device objects, including support for all SATEC meter, are the building blocks of the system. The objects consists of all Graphics, Communications, Alarm and Historical databases required to interface to most of the major IED manufacturers available on the market.

Tekron International
Contact: Marcel Geor
Office: +64 (4) 566 7722

There are increasing worldwide demands for greater efficiency of electrical and telecommunications transmission infrastructure to enable networks to operate closer to capacity limits. More accurate time synchronization systems are required for close monitoring and control across whole networks. Tekron International provides a specialist time synchronization product range for this purpose.

Blackburn Controls Inc.
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8 (Kissimmee, FL.) BCI Technologies. The Power RICH System, a division of BCI Technologies, announced that the SCADA system, Power RICH System 2009 R2.2, is certified for use with Microsoft’s 32 & 64-bi...

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