Thursday, December 11, 2008
Power RICH System release new Data Export Tool

Power RICH System, a division of BCI Technologies, PowerRICH System-Enterprise Edition (PRS-EE) is adding even more value to the PRS-EE with a new Data Export Tool.

The PRS-EE Data Export Tool exports Historical data. The new Data Export Tool is using Configurable Historic Views to Excel or Comma Separated files(CVS); an External Database, like MS-SQL Server, via ODBC-DSN, and a PRS-EE Data Table.

The Data Tool allows the use of up to two (2) sorting fields and allows the use of wildcards to select points in the database.

For example, Select data where:

- Full name of field is Like %KW% AND Like %Substation%

- This would get data from all points that had a name like KW and are in any substation. You might want the Maximum Hourly KW for each
feeder in your system.

We export the data using a Historical view that is configurable by the user. The Historical view determines what you want to export. A few examples are Hourly Average for a day, Daily Maximum for a month, or 5-minute averages for 30 days. This allows PRS-EE to export data that is formatted the way the customer needs it. Real world examples would be 1-hour KW averages over the month, or 24 hour KW Hour Usage per feeder, or Hourly KW Maximum per feeder.

Exports are easily schedule using a Schedule Object or can be manually exported on an Ad Hoc basis.

Examples would be to export last months Hourly KW Usage per feeder for all feeders on the 1st of every month at 8:00 AM to an Excel File named KW Usage %Month% %Year%.xls

There is no code required or the need to know Standard Query Language (SQL) to export data.

Headquartered in Kissimmee, FL, BCI Technologies is a leading supplier of power distribution and water systems providing equipment, systems and solutions to utilities, commercial, and industrial consumers. For more information about BCI’s Power RICH System© or other BCI Tech solutions, please call Dr. Jay Park at (407)
474-4362, or visit or on the World Wide Web.

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