Thursday, April 17, 2008
eXpertManager™ System Powered by PRS


SATEC Inc. announces the release of the eXpertManager™ system powered by Power Rich System from BCI Technologies. The eXpertManager™ system is a Windows based SCADA System specifically designed for power monitoring and control systems, using industry standard, open protocols like OPC, Modbus, and DNP3.0. SATEC’s primary goal was to deliver a solution that dramatically lowered the engineering time required to design, build, operate, and maintain an integrated system. The eXpertManager™ system has a building block library of over 60 device objects, including all SATEC meters and other third party metering and control products. The device objects consist of all graphics, communications, alarm, and historical databases.

The eXpertManager™ is object oriented. This allows an automatic configuration tool to build a system in a matter of minutes, not days. All database objects are configured and ready to run. One-line diagrams are created by dragging the objects into the database onto the pre-configured template page using the built-in graphics builder. A configuration is done online while the system is running without having to restart or compile.

eXpertManager™ also features a scalable architecture with built-in mirrored redundancy. The expansion capability ranges from a single server with 500 data points to multiple servers with unlimited data points, distributed over a wide area communicating with hundreds of devices. The system’s inherent communication ability provides exceptional performance; status changes from the field can reach an operator’s display in less than 2 seconds. With SATEC’s predictive demand metering capability and eXpertManager’s system performance, this provides customers an opportunity to reduce demand before the end of a demand period.

The eXpertManager™ system provides everything needed in a Power SCADA system at an affordable price, including the following features:

• Quadruple Mirrored Redundancy
• Embedded Historian (only limited by disk space)
• Built-in Web server
• Alarm management – notification via e-mail and text messages
• Built in Crystal Reports Runtime
• Integrated SATEC PAS software for power quality information management
• Relational database
• On-line changes
• Object oriented scalable architecture
• Predictive demand management capability to reduce peak demands
• Open standards – Modbus, DNP3.0, IEC60870, and OPC
• Development software included
• Over 60 library objects
• 24 x 7 support
• On-site commissioning

SATEC is an established world leader in metering products and systems solutions that provide users with a wide selection for electrical measurement needs.

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Mon, Mar 03, 2014
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