Thursday, May 8, 2008
Power RICH System announces partner with SATEC


(Kissimmee, FL.) BCI Technologies - Power RICH System, a Division of BCI Technologies, announces the strategic partnership with SATEC meters in New Jersey. This partnership provides a new product called ‘eXpertManager”. The SCADA system emphasizes carbon monitoring and demand response, since the Power Rich System can take kWh measurements and then convert them to carbon units because of it does mathematical equations. The conversions are in a recent edition of IEEE Spectrum on pg. 72, that contain data on the conversion of Greenhouse Gases in grams per kWh of CO2 equivalent based on fuel source.

The " eXpertManagerTM” powered by Power Rich System from BCI Technologies provides the first real time SCADA monitoring and control system with predictive demand metering, advanced power quality, demand response, and carbon monitoring capabilities. SATEC and BCI are excited to be offering an "Add-on AutomationTM” solution that supports a wide range of SATEC and other third party products to reduce our customers' installation and operational costs". For more information check the web site, or .

Headquartered in Kissimmee, FL, BCI Technologies is a leading supplier of power distribution and water systems providing equipment, systems and solutions to utilities, commercial, and industrial consumers. For more information about BCI’s Power RICH System© or other BCI Tech solutions, please call Dr. Jay Park at (407) 474-4362, or visit or on the World Wide Web.

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Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8 (Kissimmee, FL.) BCI Technologies. The Power RICH System, a division of BCI Technologies, announced that the SCADA system, Power RICH System 2009 R2.2, is certified for use with Microsoft’s 32 & 64-bi...

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