Thursday, May 8, 2008
PRS integrates Synchronizing Timing Devices


(Kissimmee, FL.) BCI Technologies. The Power RICH System announces the integration of Tekron International synchronizing (IRIG-B and IEEE1588) timing devices into their Object Oriented Design (OOD). The Power RICH System SCADA system has a built in Historian with a timing resolution of 100 nanoseconds providing detailed analysis of events. This analysis works best when the Tekron system synchronized timing devices are employed with devices using DNP 3.0 protocol that includes timing in the data packet. Each substation can have an integrated device for as low as $999.00 complete with 30 meters of antenna wiring and the antenna.

The TTM01 unit is Suitable for use with industrial and utility control and Power RICH System SCADA equipment, including protection relays and remote telemetry units. Electrical isolation is provided on all outputs. This provides exceptional noise immunity, making TTM01 ideal for use in electrical substations and other harsh environments. The TTM01 is DIN rail mountable case facilitates ease of installation. A “User friendly” dedicated USB port and Windows software, makes customizing and setup a breeze. The TTM01 with Power RICH System supports industry standard protocols including DCF-77, IRIG-B, and user defined pulses. A serial port version supports an extensive range of strings including NMEA (ZDA & RMC), IRIG-J, NTGS.
a complete TTM01 is supplied with all necessary components for installation including a timing-optimized GPS antenna, and 30 meters of ultra-flexible cable.

Headquartered in Kissimmee, FL, BCI Technologies is a leading supplier of power distribution and water systems providing equipment, systems and solutions to utilities, commercial, and industrial consumers. For more information about BCI’s Power RICH System© or other BCI Tech solutions, please call Dr. Jay Park at (407) 474-4362, or visit or on the World Wide Web.

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Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8
Power RICH System Certified for Windows 7 & 8 (Kissimmee, FL.) BCI Technologies. The Power RICH System, a division of BCI Technologies, announced that the SCADA system, Power RICH System 2009 R2.2, is certified for use with Microsoft’s 32 & 64-bi...

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