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        Power RICH System is a MS-Windows based, Power SCADA System, Object-Oriented, specifically designed for Power Monitoring and Control Systems using industry standard OPEN protocols (OPC, IEC, Modbus, and DNP3.0 protocols and standards) and communications media. Our primary design goal was to deliver a solution that dramatically lowered the engineering time required to configure and maintain a system. Twenty years ago, we recognized that two things were happening in the market: Customers were installing Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) with communications into substations while emergences of standardized protocols like DNP3.0 and Modbus and the need for a built in SQL historian. The Power RICH System is designed to easily communicate to IEDs in substations and get real-time metering, status data, and control to operational personal and to historise this data for analysis. The system is a step forward for the Smart Grid initiative

Power RICH System design dramatically reduces the time required to build a SCADA system. Over the last twenty years we have build a library of hundreds of PRS Device Objects that are the building blocks of the system. The objects consists of all Graphics, Communications, Alarm and Historical parameters required to interface to most of the major IED manufactures available on the market. Since the system uses objects instead of tags, this Meta-data is embedded in the object, called Data Points. 
        We built Automatic Configuration Tools that automatically build systems by simply selecting the objects (IEDs) needed from our library of hundreds of devices and in a matter of minutes, not hours or days, we have the system database and screens configured and ready to run. There is NO Compiling as our system is online all the time (real-time). The end-user has 'Ease of Use,' by using a 'Drag & Drop' procedure to build or adds additional objects to the database and built screens.
        The system features a scalable architecture with built-in mirrored redundancy (up to quad redundancy). The network and system expansion capability ranges from one unit to a regional SCADA system with one global database ranging from 250 Data Points to 750,000 Data Points on a single I/O Server with both Web and Network Clients. Clients are independent of Data Point size. This inherent communication ability provides exceptional system performance, as information on status changes from the field can reach the operator's display in less than 2 seconds. Additionally, security enhancements that provide features like video recording of substation and special areas of the enterprise.

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